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The Poetry of Questions

''Our hunger for images is as basic as our yearning for objective knowledge...''

Gaston Bachelard

Feeling comfortable with not knowing the way, not knowing the meaning and purpose, enjoying the process and experience and letting ideas and situations to arrive and open up freely and fully. This is what poetry of questions is all about.

Start your journey with photopoetry...

How long will I travel this road?

What is the feeling I get after I finally begin?

How do I let go?

What if the boundaries are not clear, how do I navigate?

How can my intuition lead me forward?

What is the one quality I possess that always gets me back on track?

How can I tap into that rich pool of wonders?

Who will be traveling along with me to question my decisions?

After I pass the first difficult threshold what becomes possible?

Why do I always bring past into the present moment?

What is that memory reminding me of?

If I would ask this part of myself what is the positive intention behind this blockage, what would the answer be?

What this sudden overwhelming emotion is trying to protect me from?

Why is this feeling of freedom so important for me?

How can more space for what's important in my life support me?

How becoming anew and taking control change my circumstances?

When I truly thrive in this state how my identity speaks out?

How do I act in the world now?

How simply 'being' here and now is transformative for me?

'The work of the eyes is done.

Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.''

Rainer Maria Rilke.

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