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Power of Visual Poetry

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Image can speak the unspeakable and move us closer to unknowable.

My variation of famous quote by Leonard Bernstein: ''Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable''.

Visual poetry for me has two main qualities which can enrich personal experience and create higher awareness.

Healing quality and creative empowerment for personal development.

As a specific image in a physical space it is working as a catalyst and a point of entrance to a deeper meditative state of mind, when it occupies our immediate surroundings.

Poetic image can create a safe space for contemplation and be sanctuary of a sort, a

modern shrine if you will. Sacred place where everything is possible. Spiritual and creative spring from where energy is flowing freely and individual can associate with it and replenish as needed.

In modern times when humanity is distancing itself from institutional religion and strongly leaning toward scientific research, it is more than ever important that individuals can find ways for spiritual comfort. Different emotional states that each of us is going through in our lives are still vast unknowns that require response. Artistic poetic image can provide healing and restoration of lost energy caused by stressful situations and long working hours.

How we design our living and working areas is therefore important as we spend most of our working week in closed spaces. What matters the most is how poetic visuals shape the way we experience spaces around us. Images communicate in methaporic language that resonates more naturally with our minds than words do. They work with our subconscious psyche. All thoughts and emotions that we accumulate during a day after conversations and exposure to family, colleagues, friends and from various situations, eventually end up in our unconscious mind.

Visual poetic art can support our process to resolve and deal with these thoughts even when not being actively aware of it. In every day life images are all around us and something we learned to live with. Amount of information they can store is indefinite and for each individual can have completely different meaning. By redesigning our spaces with visually poetic photographs we are also redesigning our inner beings.

Our home, or office spaces become places of possibilities and playful thoughts instead of just a place for rest and work. Being able to reshape physical spaces to levarage their potential for mental retreats every day is an act of healing and appreciation of ourselves on a deepest level.

As a creative tool for self-reflection in a personal excercise, or with coach and therapist visual poetry is able to foster inner transformations. When working on a project, challenging task or development of a new product, images can support to visualize or imagine a new perspective.

With power of visualization, image can help to inspire and shape ideas. Especially in sitation when we feel ''stuck'' and looking for that magical spark to move on. In conversations about personal and career development, poetic images can be levaraged to support with creating a vision, a ''what'' and ''why'' of the desired outcome. Instead of using only language of words, images as a reflective mirrors can be used to allow client to explore full potential of their thinking process, or help individuals in their personal development.

Discovering solutions by using common methods that leverage only conventional written form and conversations, might impose restrictions and keep a person still in a comfort zone. This could deprive real exploration of what a person is able to envison and achieve.

In combination with thought-provoking questions coaches can offer specific images to a client, invite to reflect on each of them and explore even more solutions for any particular topic.

During a coaching session creative breakthroughts can happen when using visual language of poetry, as specific unconscious content gets unlocked that client was not aware of before. Confronting the repressed psychic materials by using visual metaphors is allowing individuals to open up their thinking and explore their full potential, which was previously hidden.

Science can take everything apart to particles, but is not able to put it back together, for that we need poetry.”

Bogdan Bogdanovic, architect and philosopher.

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