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Why MetaPoet?


MetaPoet is an art & psychology portal.

Here we cherish ideals of self-discovery, curiosity about life, reflections on art and visual poetry.

What we do?

Who am I?

Dreamer, enthusiast and very curious about the essence of life. 


I am a certified coach, photographer & I enjoy writing.

So I decided to combine all of those in a personal creative project which I call MetaPoet.


What am I hoping to achieve?

Personal transformation by doing what I really like. Perhaps even influencing others on the way.

Wouldn’t that be just fantastic? 



All photographs on the website are in ownership of Bojan Kresevljakovic and are therefore subject to copyright law, if not explicitly stated otherwise.  None of the photographs or information on the website can be used, reproduced or copied without permission from the copyright owner.

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